Outsourced Financial Planning and Analysis

What is Financial Planning and Analysis


FP&A, short for Financial Planning and Analysis, helps companies forecast its profits and loses, gauge its future performance and support the company's financial health. Using Statistical Analysis and a number of variables like geographic and economic trends, professionals can make accurate predications of the company's growth and alert senior management about upcoming loses and downfalls.

For any business, it is very important to have a visibility on projected revenues & timing of cash receipts and control on projected expenses & payments falling due at periodical intervals / specific dates. Our Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) services provide you the required solutions and play an important role by partnering in financial needs of your business. We have all the experts just so that you don't have to hire a FP&A professional.

Our Services include :


Laying down Annual Operating Budgets in consultation with the Promoters & Management.


Breakdown of Monthly and Quarterly Revenues and Cash Receipts.


Clear Visibility of all Business Expenses falling due every month / quarter.


Projections for Bank Collections and Payments.


Analysis of Cash Flows resulting into ascertainment of excess / short funds.


Cash and Fund Flow Review leading to ascertaining working capital requirements or investing idle funds to maximise cash efficiencies