Outsourced Specific Accounting Processes

Who Needs to Outsource Specific Accounting Functions


These services are focused towards small and medium business enterprises who would like one or more of their accounting and related processes to be managed in a systematic, process oriented and professional manner. These are primarily businesses that are in the phase of a fast growing pace after passing the entrepreneurial hurdles. Promotors and management team of such enterprises need to be busy in managing business operations and remain focused on strategy planning for business growth, hence they require a support system that can provide a quick turnaround on important aspects.

Here , We Come In !

Tax Compliance Services

Tax Season can always be overwhelming. Preparing Financial Statements, tax calculation, and complying with country norms can be difficult to manage without expert help. This Service helps with deduction, deposit, filing and assessments. Choosing this service can make tax filing a calk walk!

Invoicing To Customers

Invoicing can become a very cumbersome process if it is not handled systematically. Due to disorganised invoicing, companies end up losing a regular cash flow and customer satisfaction. At Exemplicon, we handle all processes including validation of data, pairing up invoices with purchase order, logging paper invoices, generating e-invoices, maintaining transaction ledgers, and more.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is an asset but if a proper follow up and track of receivables is not maintained then it prevents the enterprise from putting good use to this asset. Our Service helps you easily keep track of all Due Invoices, create AR aging reports to minimise Bad Debts and a scope of handling them if any.

Accounts Payable

Maintaining proper and organised records of AP help in sustaining a good relationship with vendor, preparing accurate balance sheets, preventing duplicacy and frauds. Our Services help in centralising payment records, authenticate documentation, integrate electronic and on-paper payments and automate the processes for smooth operations.

Inventory & Assets Management

All enterprises relying on Inventories need to keep their resources properly coordinated and well managed. Smooth management of fixed and current assets lead to a stable business and steady revenues. Our services help you keep reduce setbacks by ensuring cost controlling, regular inventory and revenue reports, risk analysis and more. These help in making well informed decisions on a day-today basis.

Payroll Management

Employee Contentment is as important as customer satisfaction. Managing Payrolls for employees can be time consuming and overwhelming. Our Services include leaves, tax, statutory deductions, deposits etc. as part of employee payroll processing. Cloud Payroll softwares used by us take safety and security into account and provide error free payroll configurations.

Treasury & Debt Management

These Services are the key to the growth of your company. At Exemplicon, our experts provide you with vital knowledge on how to mange your credits & debits, generate working capital and help you get ahead of these necessities. We specialise in Working Capital Management consultancies for meeting short term loans requirements and timely approach to Banks for the same.

What Can You Expect from Us


Our customers benefit from these services by gaining support and full control on these specific focus areas of their businesses through periodic reports that are customised as per the client enterprise requirements. These include various reports like Receivables Report, Payables Report, Payroll Report, Cash Flow Report including working capital and Financial Planning and Projections Report etc. Our systematic, process-oriented, and customer focused professional approach of handling these processes catalyses the work flow and keeps the accounting records up to date and help the management team work more efficiently and effectively.